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Sometimes when I approach decision makers about the opportunity to reach out to Hispanics they tell me, “Well, I would like to but I am not there yet.” So I ask them, why do you feel that way?

Ninety-nine percent of the time the answer is: “I will have to convert everything into Spanish, produce new materials, and hire bilingual people in the company. So, instead of an opportunity I see it as a big hurdle right now. I would much rather keep doing the same because I feel safe and secure.”  So, I think, believing that you can’t change encourages you to accept your weaknesses.  But these weaknesses can turn into strengths if you are willing to learn.

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0079611-ignacio181The Group Advertising, a national full service Hispanic advertising agency is pleased to announce and welcome Ignacio Valle García as the new Creative Director.

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EstrellaTV Orlando has hired The Group Creative Communications, LLC (The Group Advertising) as their agency of record, to help with the branding of this Spanish-speaking network. Estrella TV Orlando is the Central Florida affiliate of Estrella TV, owned and opportunity by Liberman Broadcasting. With 100% original Spanish-language content produced within the states, the network provides its viewers with unique programming that includes comedy, musical variety, scripted drama, talk and game shows, that all feature top Hispanic talent.

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Mobile-Use-in-Hispanic-Latino-DemographicThe Hispanic population is growing at a fast pace and embracing technology even faster. The introduction of smartphones and 4G connectivity has enabled Hispanics to have access to a whole new world of opportunities with a simple push of a button or tap of a screen.  While Hispanics tend to have a lower percentage in overall Internet access than non-Hispanics (65% vs. 77% of white adults), they are among the most avid users of mobile broadband following African Americans (53% and 58% respectively).  Whites are estimated 33% according to a research project created by The Hispanic institute.

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